Watter Cottage, Overnight Sensation over the Sea

Manado is one of the best tourist destinations in Indonesia. If you are in Manado you may enjoy a panoramic natural beauty wrapped in silence nautical, you should visit Tumbak and you will be tempted to come back again. Tumbak is a small village in Manado that was built by the Bajau. The villagers of […]

A Late Afternoon at The Old City, Jerusalem

Dome of the Rock was glittering in the late afternoon sun, it’s so brilliant golden yellow. Dome of the Rock, one of the landmarks of the old city, Jerusalem. The old city, Jerusalem has been dreams, yearning and target seizure of the ruler of the world. Jerusalem means “the legacy of peace” from the Hebrew […]

Huanglong, The Multi-Colored Pond

Huanglong  is natural beauty in China, the multi-colored pond. It is an outdoor staircase that really makes tourists amazed. Huanglong is well known for its colorful pond, snow clad mountains, valleys and virgin forest. Huanglong is located in the northwest part of Sichuan Province, China. The area is very beautiful, natural pools studded with colorful […]

Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden is the largest flower garden in the world. Dubai Miracle Garden is the largest  natural flower garden  in the world, with an area of ​​approximately 72 thousand square meters. This flower garden is located in Dubailand and it has at least 45 million collection of flowers. Like all tourist attractions in the […]


Christmas Splendour in France

Christmas is approaching, it’s only of days people will celebrate Christmas. Christmas is a tradition that should be celebrated. Moreover, Christmas is a party for children. Many people understand that Christmas is Santa Claus, present, Christmas tree with beautiful decoration and flashing twinkle lights. Not many people understand the real meaning of Christmas. Christmas has […]

A Piece of Twilight in Annecy

Annecy Lake in France during the late afternoon is filled with many activities with a view of beautiful sunset. Annecy Lake is known as the cleanest lake in Europe. The sun started moving behing the orange dusk when we arrive in Annecy Lake. The bus past the houses of stone or wood walls and a […]

Visiting The Harbor City, Genova

The Trenitalia began to leave the Centrale station, Milan heading to Principe Genova.  It might take about a half hour. When the train passes through the suburb, we start enjoying the typical scenery, the dried up rice fields with the electric poles complete with the curved-arch wires. Looks sort of factory building area with containers […]

The Wild Beauty of Montenegro

Montenegro, located bordering countries Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia is known as the pearl of Mediterranean. Although it is a small country in Europe, Montenegro has the attractive characteristics with the good weather, clean air and beautiful nature.  Montenegro offers diverse and abundant natural beauty. The wild beauty of Montenegro surrounded by mountain terraces with flowing […]


Chefchaouen, The Blue City

Chefchaouen, a small town located in northeastern Morocco or about 250 miles east of the capital Rabat, Morocco. The town is located in the Rif Mountains -this is one of the favorite tourist city for travelers. Its people are fanatical in blue makes this city known as the blue city. The beauty of the blue […]

African Safari for Families is the Exciting Vacations

African Safaris For Families One of the most exciting vacation choices is African Safaris for families. You may plan your African Safaries for families in order to avoid the wrong choice. South Africa is the best place to go on African Safaries for families especially with young children.  You can rent your own car and […]

Serengeti Safari Tours For Family

Serengeti Safari Tours Serengeti Safari Tour is an ideal vacation for family. In Serengeti Safari Tours you will see some of the most famous features and wildlife.  You will see thousand of wildebeest on the plains of open competition, and it will be a unique experience for you and family. You will enjoy and experience […]

Giza Pyramid Tours Are Amazing and Fantastic

Giza Pyramid Tours Egypt is identic with Giza Pyramid Tours.  Visiting Cairo is not complete without have Giza Pyramid Tours.  Giza Pyramid Tours bring you to see the majesty of the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx. Giza Pyramids Tours allow you to witness the famous symbol of ancient Egyptian culture.  The Pyramids and the Spinx […]


A Unique and Romantic Accommodation, The Boot

The Boot, a hotel in New Zealand, instead of rooms, you are invited to sleep in the boot. Of course, this is not a real boots. The Boot is a hotel that offers you to stay in the room in the form of boots. Its location is in Tasman Bay, Nelson, New Zealand. It is […]

The Unique Hot Water Beach

Normally, natural hot springs are in the mountainous areas, but not so with this one. Ocean or beach are usually similar with the salty water, but not with this one. A beach in New Zealand have a hot water under the sand. You can explore the private hot tubs in the beach. Hot Water Beach […]

Swimming with Kaikoura Dolphin

Kaikoura Dolphin Swim Kaikoura is famous for the spectacular marine life including whales, dolphins, albatross, penguins, fur seals and orca. It is located on the east coast of South Island. Kaikoura is a tourist destination in New Zealand.  It is also known for Kaikoura dolphin swim. There is boat tours to swim with Kaikoura dolphin […]

Campervan Hire Uluru, An Unforgettable Experience in Lifetime

Campervan Hire Uluru Uluru is known as Ayers Rock, one of the most famous Australian icons that is located in the Uluru National Park. You can reach Uluru from Sydney, Perth, Adelaide or Darwin. Uluru is a dream for travelers that should be visited at least once in a lifetime. You may explore this place […]


The Ultimate Ketchikan Bear Viewing

Keyword: ketchikan bear viewing Ketchikan bear viewing is a unique opportunity to see bears in their native habitat. To have the ultimate Ketchikan bear viewing, you should visit Alaska rainforest sanctuary. Ketchikan bear viewing can be accessed by road. You need to join a tour for Ketchikan bear viewing. The tour begins with a Ketchikan […]

Hershey Park Hotels

Hershey Park is a family theme park located in Hershey, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. It is a leisure park and owned by Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Company. You can enjoy many of attractions at Hershey Park including roller coaster, kiddie rides, live entertainment and strolling Hershey’s products character. Spend your holiday in Hershey Park and discover natural […]

Eternal Flame Falls, Waterfall with A Fire Burning

Water and fire are two elements that cannot be put together. However, Chestnut Ridge Park in New York, USA, has a waterfall with a fire burning underneath. It’s magical! Deep in the leafy Chestnut Ridge Park, there is a waterfall called the Eternal Flame Falls or meaning waterfall Eternal Fire. Not without reason, there was […]

Moving to Ketchikan, So Amazingly Beautiful

Moving To Ketchikan Ketchikan is a city in Alaska, United States. Ketchikan is named after Ketchikan creek that flows through the city. Ketchikan is 500 miles north of Seattle. Ketchikan is the first city in Alaska. Ketchikan is famous as a friendly and hard-working city. It is tucked into the mountains. The living of Ketchikan […]


The Largest Floating City, Voyager of the Seas

Voyager of the Seas is a ship  along 311 meters and a width of 38 meters.  It is a floating city. This is one of the world’s largest ships, cruise ships and even it has  its own zip code. It took long enough to explore these cruises. When you’re not lucky, it’s easy for anyone […]

Explore Pompeii on Cruise

Cruises to Pompeii Pompeii was destroyed in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD. Pompeii is located in the province of Naples. Pompeii was a major seaport in the area of Rome. The ruins of Pompeii were discovered by workers in 1599 and now become a tourist destination in Italy. To reach Pompeii you can […]

Experience Romantic Rhine Cruise

Romantic Rhine Cruise Cruising along the romantic Rhine will give you a unique holiday with the elegant ship that acts as your floating hotels for a certain duration. Having a romantic Rhine cruise will give you a chance to visit many destinations without to pack and unpack your luggage. Romantic Rhine cruise starts in Strasbourg. […]

Galapagos Island Cruise Reviews

Galapagos Island Cruise Reviews Many  cruises  offer traveling to the Galapagos Islands. What is the best cruise to travel to Galapagos island? What is the most suitable cruise for you and your family vacation in this beautiful island? Galapagos is one of the unique  places in the world. If you plan to have a holiday […]

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Keukenhof, The Exotic Tulip Garden

| October 9, 2013 | 0 Comments

The spring will be here soon. Welcoming the arrival of spring, I  want to share stories about experiences in Netherland spring. Thank God I had the opportunity to visit one of the biggest tulip garden in the Netherlands, Keukenhof. Keukenhof  is located in the south of the Netherlands, which is in the town of Lisse, […]

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Explore the beauty of Venice

| March 20, 2013 | 0 Comments

Venice or Venezia is a city with a population of about 280,000. It is located in the north of Italy. Venice is  one of the most unique and most beautiful cities in Europe. After traveling by train from Milan for about 3 hours, I  arrived at the Stazione Venezia Santa Lucia. Once out of the […]

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World Street Food Destination

| March 19, 2013 | 0 Comments

Myeongdong, Seoul,  South Korea Imagine the tteokbokki, tubular rice cakes that are cooked with chili sauce. If you visit Seoul and want to find unique snacks, you should visit Myeongdong. It lies in the center of town that makes Myeongdong is a shopping paradise and hawker community in Seoul.   Typically, vendors hawking tteokbokki also […]

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Lake Toba

| February 25, 2013 | 0 Comments

Lake Toba is the biggest  volcanic lake  in the world. Lake Toba can be reached via two paths from Medan,  Siantar  and Brastagi. Siantar ends in Parapat, a small town on the shores of Lake Toba, takes about 4 hours by car. To reach the island of Samosir, you need to cross by motor boat […]

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Amsterdam, The City of Bicyles

| February 21, 2013 | 0 Comments

Amsterdam is small when compared to other Europe cities. We can reach all coners of the city with ease, but Amsterdam offers an exotic atmosphere with a classical model of a medieval building. The landscapes quite regular with converging to the center and flanked by rivers. The city feels very cool and beautiful as it […]

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