Chiang Mai Massage School

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Chiang Mai Massage School

Thailand is popular with Thai massage. It is very relaxing. It is an actually old and safe method of healing. After have  a traditional Thai massage, you will feel  free from stress not only the body but also the mind. Traditional Thai massage is performed with the thumbs, palms, knees, elbows and feet to stretch the entire body. You  can  learn the  Thai massage in Chiang Mai Massage School.

There are plenty of options to learn Thai massage.  Many massage schools have a good reputation over the years. There are also many small massage schools of varying quality. If you are serious about learn the art of Thai massage, Chiang Mai Massage School is one of the massage schools.

Chiang Mai is very popular for massage school and massage places for yourself to get a massage. It ranges from street side chairs that offers simple foot and back massage to high-class  massage and spa. There is no end of venues offering good massage to the tourist area in Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai Massage School

Chiang Mai Massage School is located at Chiang Mai-Mae Jo Road.

Chiang Mai Massage School offers short courses include basic Thai

massage and foot reflexology.

It will take  90 hours to learn the basic massage in Chiang Mai Massage School.

There are five levels of training at Chiang Mai Massage School.

The first level at Chiang Mai Massage School is learning massage the entire body. You will learn the original Thai massage skills for personal benefits, from relieving tension techniques, easing fatigue and increasing blood circulation in the whole body with pressure points. You will learn about 151 positions that are useful for the full-body massage. The course fee is 7500 Bahts, start from Monday until Friday, with total duration is 30 hours.

The second level at Chiang Mai Massage School is strengthening the massage technique. You will learn 18 different pressure points to relieve body pain and fatigue.  This level is called Thai Massage Enghancement. To qualify for this level, you need to take the first level first. The course fee is 7000 Bahts, the class period for 30 hours from Monday to Friday.

Chiang Mai Massage SchoolThe level three at Chiang Mai Massage School is called Therapeutic Thai Massage. You will be learning on treating ailments with herbal packs and pressure points. The class with take 30 hours from Monday to Friday, with the course fee are 7500 Bahts. Of course, you should finish the first two levels before take this level.

In the level four at Chiang Mai Massage School, you will learn the integration of all above-mentioned  levels. You will learn to facilitate massage techniques with speed and time limit. This level will take 90 hours from Monday to Friday with the course fee are 19800 Bahts. This level is called Comprehensive Thai Massage.

The level five at Chiang Mai Massage School learn massage planning for professional. It is called Intensive Professional Thai Massage with the course fee are 37600 Bahts and will take 150 hours and 25 days from Monday to Friday class.

You want to become a professional or just want to learn for yourself, Chiang Mai Massage School is an option for you.

Let’s learn Thai Massage at Chiang Mai Massage School.

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