Feel the Sensation Stay in the Underground Hotel

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Underground Hotel

Do you like to have a new adventure?

Then you should try to stay in the underground hotel, unusual lodgings.

Hotel Silvermine Chamber is a good reference.Underground Hotel

Hotel Silvermine Chamber is a three star hotel with original beauty, rare and natural.

Located in Sweden, precisely in the underground city of Sala, 120 kms from Stockholm.

In this hotel, you can sleep at a depth of 155 m below the ground.

Despite the cold and a little dark, the sensation cannot  be denied.

Underground Hotel

Staying at this hotel is a unique and valuable experience.

The hotel is located in a mining area Silvermine Chamber, one of the world’s best mines.

Among the maze-like layout, there are rooms that can be occupied for two people.

Underground Hotel

Hotel Silvermine Chamber is also equipped with a bar and restaurant facilities, conference room, free parking (aboveground), Internet access and pet care.

The most interesting part of the hotel is an experience to spend the night in the depths below ground.

Underground Hotel

No mobile phone networks, the hotel provides a communication system using a radio that will connect you with the hotel staff.

It seems that stay in the underground hotel may make you disconnected with the world.

Underground Hotel

It is precisely a new experience and sensation.

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