Galapagos Islands Facts

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Galapagos Islands Facts

Before you decide to visit or come to Galapagos islands, it is better for your to know the Galapagos islands facts so that you can prepare everything and enjoy your vacations in Galapagos islands.

Galapagos islands facts are:

Galapagos islands are the second largest marine reserve in the world. Galapagos islands are located in the north-west of South America. Galapagos islands are belonged to Ecuador, which is only 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador.

Galapagos islands are world heritage site by Unesco. Galapagos islands are declared as a marine reserve and as whale and shark sanctuary.

whale and shark sanctuary

Galapagos islands are divided into three zones of the ocean:

–       Central and southern islands

–       Northern islands

–       And western islands

There are about 800 species of mollusks are identified, they are gastropods, bivalves, chitons, scaphopods, octopus and cuddle fish. Galapagos islands are also know as dive destination in the Pacific resort.

Galapagos Islands snorkeling is one of the highest satisfaction of any trip. The sea temperature is average of 8o C.

The best solution for the money is the dollar because Equador has already dollarized. If you arrive with a different currency than the dollar, make sure you change it before you go to Quito Galapagos. And if you can get a clean dollar, for those that are wrinkled or torn are not accepted by the retailers.


Galapagos Islands Facts

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