Glockenspiel Munich

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Glockenspiel Munich

Munich is known for its Glockenspiel. Glockenspiel is a mechanical thing at the front of the town hall at Marienplatz, Munich. Glockenspiel Munich will play at the certain time every day. When it is the time for Glockenspiel Munich to play, many tourists will stand on Marienplatz gazing up with the ready video camera.

Glockenspiel Munich is being an amusement for both local residents and tourists. Glockenspiel Munich

Glockenspiel Munich starts to chime at 11.00 and 12.00 during the winter and in the summer time Glockenspiel Munich will chime at 11.00, 12.00 and 17.00 pm.

Glockenspiel Munich celebrates two events from the past of Munich with two levels of ordinary clockwork action.

The barrel makers or the dancers are pictured doing the dance of Cooper. This is done to remember the end of plague in 1517.

The second part is fighting knights. This is the famous tournament held for the royal wedding of Duke Wilhelm V in 1568 in Marienplatz.

In the beginning of 19th century, a clockwork structure is built to celebrate the events that almost forgotten by everyone.

Glockenspiel MunichEverybody who visits Munich will want to see the Glockenspiel Munich.

Munich ‘s central Marienplatz square is lined with the observers with their chins up directed every day. They look at the Glockenspiel Munich.

In the midday, the Munich Glockenspiel describes a royal wedding, fighting knights and ritual dance that has etched a brand on popular folklore of Munich.

The show is about 15 minutes and ends with the golden bird up to the top rising and tweeting three times. There are 43 bells that play different tunes on the clock. You will have a better view from the third or fourth floor of the Hugendubel bookstore.

Glockenspiel Munich has the tower and you can go up to the top by an elevator.

With a magnificent view of the vertical up to the 306 or so steps of the tower of St. Peter’s church by Marienplatz.

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