Jeju City

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Jeju City

Jeju city is the largest city in the autonomic island region and Jeju island. Jeju island became the special autonomic island in July 2006, and Jeju city has been consolidated in the entire north half of the island and Seogwipo in the south.

Jeju city is the main gateway to Jeju island. The only airport for Jeju island is located in Jeju CityJeju city. It is also the main port terminal. Jeju city has many hotels for tourists because it is a good base camp for exploring.

You may find many places to visit in Jeju city. Dragon Head Rock, the promenade with many seafood restaurants, Jeju Seaside Art Center, Top Land amusement park, Fish market. You also can enjoy the sunset from Sara-bong, a scenic cliff-top area. The oldest pavilion in Jeju island, Kwandeokcheong, the old government building can be found. In the center of Jeju city you will find Shinsan Park, Jeju Folklore, Natural Museum and Olympic Monument.  There is also Jeju Education Museum.

Jeju city is a tourist area so you can find all types of restaurants here. There are many fresh seafood restaurants along the seaside.

Jeju city is located at 33°31’N and 126°29’E. The climate of Jeju city is moderate maritime climate.

Jeju city has a large service industry because of the role in tourism.

Jeju City has almost all the services that would find in a major city in Korea, but in a smaller scale.

No subway system in Jeju city but there are buses within the city.

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