Jordan is an Amazing Country

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Jordan is an Amazing Country

Jordan is an amazing country, full of contrasts. The people here depend on tourism and are genuinely friendly.

We visited Madaba to see the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George and its unusual 6th century mosaic map of the Holy Land on the floor. We drove to Mount Nebo, the most revered Holy Site in Jordan. This is where Moses saw the “promised land” and where he died. As we traveled through the countryside, much of the land was desert. Occasionally, we might see a couple of Bedouins squatting and making tea over a little fire.

We set off from Amman and went to Mt Nebo, which is the location where Moses saw the promised land for his people. It is here where he died and there are the remains of ancient churches here that was built in his honour. Standing there myself brought about an unexpected sensation of being somewhere quite special. From this vantage point, we could gaze at the Dead Sea down below, seeing the hills of Israel upon the other side. Jericho was plainly visible across the valley, with the site of St John’s baptism of Jesus roughly halfway between where we were standing and Jericho.

Near Mt Nebo is the city of Madaba where they have uncovered a stunning mosaic map from the 6th century A.D. depicting the major locations in the Holy Land, from the Nile Delta across to Mt Nebo. The mosaic even has a fish swimming away from the Dead Sea up to the River Jordan so that they don’t perish in its salty waters, which neatly leads me into mentioning our next location.

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