Le Mont Saint Michel

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Le Mont Saint Michel

Le Mont Saint Michel is a place of international pilgrimage and a main tourist center. The different platforms of Le Mont Saint Michel’s construction makes it a unique architectural ensemble.

Le Mont Saint Michel has attracted the curious and pilgrim from all over the world. Le Mont Saint Michel is called as the wonder of the western world, it is surrounded by a gorgeous bay with the theatre of the greatest tidal ranges in Europe.

Le Mont Saint Michel is located between the point of Grouin in Britanny and the point of Champeaux in Normandy. Le Mont Saint Michel is a rocky, cone-shaped islet in the gulf of Sant Malo, northwestern France that connected with a causeway with the mainland. The entire island is crowned by the church, 240 ft above sea level.

The buildings of Le Mont Saint-Michel is built of granite, but there is some limestone monastery.

Le Mont Saint MichelLe Mont Saint Michel was built in a strong rock with 84 meters height.

You can now travel easily and visit the monastery because there is a causeway there. However, do not try to walk the flats around Le Mont-Saint-Michel at low tide. There are guides lead who are aware of the schedule of the tides.

The area of Le Mont Saint Michel is famous for it links with the equestrian world, food and not far from the Normandy beaches. The activities that you can do in Le Mont Saint Michel is cooking class in an old Breton Manor, Le Mont Saint Michel’s tour and horse riding.

For cooking class you can take train from Paris Montparnasse to Dol-de-Bretagne. You will be escorted to Manor house Le Mont Saint Micheland enjoy cooking class for 90 minutes followed by lunch that is made by you and wines from the cellar house. You will be tranfered to Le Mont Saint Michel after lunch. It will take about 1 hour and 15 minutes drive and you are free to visit Le Mont Saint Michel. Then you will be dropped again to the station to catch the train back to Paris Montparnasse.

For horse riding, you will trek along the sand on the bay of Le Mont Saint Michel to see the parades or enjoy the evening at the trotting races in Cabourg. During your trip, you may discover the variety of terrain in Le Mont Saint Michel’s bay.

Let’s enjoy the vacation visiting Le Mont Saint Michel in France.

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