Loire Valley Chateaux Hotels

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Loire Valley Chateaux Hotels

Are you  looking for Loire Valley Chateaux Hotels, where you can spend time with your family or a relaxing week-end in the countryside?

You may follow the footsteps of the French Kings and fall in love with Loire Valley Chateaux Hotels. You can discover the food and wine experiences, tasting the local cheese and wine.

Let’s travel and spend your holiday with your family along ‘La Loire a Velo’ trail and uncover the treasures.

Loire Valley Chateaux Hotels were built as the royal castles. There is numerous Loire Valley Chateaux Hotels that will give you a new experience to stay.

Some Loire Valley Chateaux Hotels have been converted into 3 or 4 stars hotels. They combine high level services with splendid facilities. Loire Valley Chateaux Hotels will provide the customers with a large panel of facilities like swimming pool, tennis court, fitness center, spa and connoisseur restaurants.

Loire Valley Chateaux Hotels are generally privately owned and give a personal touch, services and atmosphere. You will fee just like your own home with magnificent facilities.

Here are some of Loire Valley Chateaux Hotels:

Chateaux d’Esclimont


Chateaux d’Esclimont  will bring you a step back in time to the days royalty romped about the Loire Valley. It’s only one hour from Paris. It is a luxurious oasis. This Loire Valley Chateaux Hotel has rooms that decorated finely.


Chateaux de Candie is a castle that has stood since the 14th century. It was built by knights. Chateaux de Candie

The rooms in this Loire Valley Chateaux hotel is like in the history books with antique furniture and lovely linens.

Every room in this chateaux has a unique decoration and atmosphere.



Chateaux de Pray


Chateaux de Pray is located in the hearth of Loire Valley.

It’s only a few minutes from Amboise.

This chateaux is a step into glorious French history.


Chateaux de Bagnols is nestled in Beaujolais area of France. Chateaux de Bagnols

It is a fine choice for wine lovers because this chateaux is located in the middle of vineyards.




Chateaux d’EtogesChateaux d’Etoges is a national historic building that is blessed with a nice location in the middle of Champagne region.

There are still many Loire Valley Chateaux Hotels available.

You just need to search on the internet and find one for you to suit your needs.

Let’s travel and spends the vacation in Loire Valley and do not  forget to stay at one of Loire Valley Chateaux Hotels to feel royal experiences.

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