Lotte Busan Hotel

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Lotte Busan Hotel

Busan is the largest commercial harbor city  and a major destination for tourist and business.  Lotte Busan  Hotel is very popular with tourists and business travelers to a beautiful old city of Kyungju, Hanryu National Sea Park, Ulsan-Pohang industrial complex Masan-Changwon industrial complex.

Lotte Busan Hotel is a modern hotel with excellent location in Busan. Lotte Busan Hotel has a luxurious casino.

Lotte Busan Hotel

Lotte Busan Hotel is only 5 minutes walk from the subway station. Lotte Busan Hotel replete with all modern comforts, air-conditioned rooms, flat screen TV and internet access.

Guests can enjoy a refreshing workout in the gym, play squash or playing  a relaxing golf. Lotte Busan Hotel has indoor and outdoor pools and a shopping arena that  selling luxury brands.

You will have a unique experience during the breakfast because the breakfast buffet is served overlooking the Tiger enclosure  in Peninsula Coffee Shop.

Lotte Busan Hotel is the ideal place for business or vacation.

Lotte Busan Hotel offers the perfect balance between the warm and relaxing feel and the comfort facilities.

Lotte Busan Hotel has 900 rooms with modern facilities to satisfy their guests. There is a wide selection of restaurants that serve a variety of cuisine from Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

Lotte Busan Hotel also has the meeting and banquet facilities with professional technical staff to arrange any events. Natural light from the transparent glass dome will give you open air brightness and the warmth of sunlight in the swimming pool.

Lotte Busan Hotel is very convenient with perfect staff and very care about details. The complimentary breakfast is great.

Lotte Busan HotelThe restaurants in Lotte Busan Hotel are very good and tasteful.

The rooms are luxury with sophisticated design and pleasant environment.

The casino in Lotte Busan Hotel is European-style casino that open only for foreigners with a variety of games such as roulette, baccarat, black jack and big wheel. There are also slot machines.

There is also a Duty-Free Shop in the center of Lotte Busan Hotel that is conveniently located and offering over 200 kinds of products.

Staying in Lotte Busan Hotel will give you a different experience.

Let’s travel to Busan and stay at Lotte Busan Hotel.

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