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Munich is the capital of Bavaria.  The combination of pleasures and the inviting landscapes surrounding are attracted people to visit Munich.

Munich is charm and sophisticated city. Many high-fashion boutique  and luxury restaurant are available in Munich. Various long nights throughout the year celebrate museum going, books, and musical performance. Munich appreciates the arts since the kings and dukes of the Wittelsbach Dynasty.

Munich is clean and safe city. It will give you comfortable and so slightly rustic feelings to visit. Munich is a large and prosperous city. It combines with broad sidewalks, endless shops and eateries, view of the Alps, and a huge green heart and the English garden.


Munich is one of the most enjoyable cities in Germany.

Everything is extremely upscale and up-to-date in Munich.

The city center of Munich was created in the 12th century as a market town on the salt road connecting Salzburg and Augsburg.

Munich is the capital of beer and beer culture that is famous worldwide. If you visit Munich, do not forget

to taste the local brew. Munich is also famous for its beer festival known as Oktoberfest that started as an agricultural fair held on the occasion of a royal marriage and now become  the biggest festival in the world.

Munich has one of the most exclusive shopping streets. Munich also has flea markets. Munich has more than 100 beer gardens. Beer gardens are such an integral part of Munich life.

Munich and music complement each other marvelously.  It has the world-known orchestras, The Philharmonic and The Bavarian State Opera Company.

What do you see in Munich ?

  1. The Alter Hof or Old Palace. This palace was the original residence of the Wittelsbachs, the ruling dynasty established in 1180. The palace now serves as local government offices.Munich
  2. The Altes Rathaus or Old Town Hall. This was the first Town Hall of Munich, that was built in 1474. It is used for official receptions and not open to public.
  3. Asamkirche or Asam Church, the Munich’s most unusual church that has a suitable extraordinary entrance, framed by raw rock foundations.
  4. Deutsches Jagd – und Fischereimuseum or German Museum of Hunting and Fishing. This contains the world’s largest collection of fish-hooks and a valuable collection of hunting weapons.
  5. Frauenkirche or church of Our Lady is a distinctive late-Gothic brick structure with two towers that is the city’s chief landmark and many more.

There are still many interesting places in Munich that can be explored.

Let’s prepare our time to visit Munich and enjoy fairy-tale places to explore here.

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