Night Streets in Sukhumvit Bangkok

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What is interesting from Bangkok, Thailand apparently not the only area of Khao San or Chatuchak market?

There is also a Sukhumvit region that is not fewer thrill to explore at night.
Night Streets in Sukhumvit

Sukhumvit Road is a bustling area that stretches between Phloen Cit to Asok.

In the area crossed by  fly over  Bangkok Sky Train, the scattered various hotels, restaurants and nightlife.

Night Streets in Sukhumvit Bangkok

At nightfall, the roadside to the small alleys turned into a night market.

There are various restaurants offer many foods from ordinary to extreme culinary.
Night Streets in Sukhumvit Bangkok

Sukhumvit has distinctive differences with other tourist areas such as Khao San.

If the Khao San famous for backpackers, then Sukhumvit is a favorite of tourists from the Middle East.

Night Streets in Sukhumvit Bangkok

Another exciting thing in the Sukhumvit night market is  cheap souvenirs.Night Streets in Sukhumvit

Various handicrafts typical of Thailand to various T Shirt available in the Sukhumvit night streetNight Streets in Sukhumvit Bangkok

When the night markets are closed it is  not  meant that the activity in Sukhumvit night street’s stops.

Here is video Night Streets in Sukhumvit Bangkok

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