Rugen Island, A paradise in the Baltic Sea

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Rugen Island

Rugen island is a paradise on the Baltic Sea with a wonderful nature, forrest, and white limestone cliffs. Rugen island is a beautiful island that incredibly attractive with beautiful sandy beaches of the resort pleasant architecture.

Much of Rugen island is covered in leafy flora. Its surrounding waters are national parks and conservation areas. Rugen island has many corners to explore. There are also some interesting historic buildings.

Rugen island is famous for the pleasant services, top restaurants and spa hotels. Rugen island bicycles friendly and has excellent signs by the road and cycle paths around the island.

Cape Arcona and the Kings Chair is a large and beautiful with its white cliffs of limestone.

There is a steam train that goes between the beach resorts. It is a practical solution for people who do not cycles or walking retired.

Do not forget to enjoy beaches on the Rugen island that is large, and of course the pier of Sellin with a pleasant restaurant.

Rugen IslandRugen island is a place for relaxation and recreation.

You can treat with a spa and enjoy life in one of many beautiful and luxurious hotels.

There is also camping site in Rugen island. Rugen island is the largest island in Germany, and it is the most-favored travel destination.

There are romantic seaside resort and spas, snow-white cliffs and endless beach. Rugen island is a pearl of the Baltic Sea.

The main attraction of the island of Rügen are snow-white limestone.

One good way is to get to the island is by taking RasenderRoland, a historic steam train that connects cities and the resorts.

The highlights on Ruger island are: Rugen Island

Jasmund Peninsula National Park

You can take a boat tour around the peninsula and enjoy the views of the majestic cliff that rises 118 meters from the water.

You can find miles and miles of beaches with the width over 130 meters. The beaches are popular for surfing, kiting and sailing.

Sellin is a beautiful place with lots of elegant architecture. Many villas and hotels have Art Nouveau elements like turrets, steeples and wooden loggias.

Rugen island is also known for its lighthouses, fishing village and Slavic castle.

On the west off Rugen island, cars are not allowed, the only way to get around is by bike, horse carriage or on foot. Large parts of protected areas are natural conservation, rugged cliffs, white beaches, salt marshes, and fisher villages.

When you visit Rugen island, do not forget to try Sanddorn, little orange berries that grow on the bushes around the dunes of the island.

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