Russian River Cruises

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Russian River Cruises

Travel down the rivers of Russia with Russian river cruise is very exciting. Travel on the routes of the Russian Tsars, stop in ancient Russian towns that still increase the mysterious past of  Russia. Enjoy the walled cities that were built in medieval times on the Volga River and learn  about the folklore, legends and local history.

You can relax in the comfortable and luxurious cabin of Russian river cruises and enjoy the on-board entertainment or see the beautiful landscape of the Russian.

With Russian river cruises you may visit one of the cafes on the boat after sightseeing on shore. There are many Russian dishes to taste and enjoy the culinary culture of Russia on the  Russian river cruises.

You will enjoy romantic evenings under the stars while you boating on the river. Visit St. Petersburg with its museums, theaters and architectures that are famous throughout the world. Do not forget to visit  Red Square in Moscow and the Kremlin include with the  private guide if you travel on Russian river cruises.

Russian River CruisesYou can  arrange to travel with Russian river cruises for individuals and groups. Each of the Russian river cruises provides the passengers with detailed itineraries, many activities on board the Russian river cruises.

Russia is the largest country in the world. Russian river cruises will provide you with very interesting historical significance and culturally vibrant. Travelling in Russian river cruises is the perfect way to really know the real Russia, the insights into the past of Russia and lead to Russia today.

You will visit a new city or village during the trip with Russian river cruises.

You will have full meals on board, and you will be entertained with a variety of activities, including dance games, music, informative lectures on Russian history and culture.

Russian river cruises give the  travelers the perfect balance between a fully active recovery promotes cultural history while relaxing sailing comfortably along the river. Russian River Cruise is more familiar with Russia. After taking one of the tours you will be a well-rounded picture of the country and have the time of your life.

Russia is one of the most expensive destinations in Europe. With Russian river cruises you will get a very inexpensive way to visit Russia. You will only spend a lot less than you would be if you are traveling by land, or organize your own travel experience.

Russian river cruises come with a large selection of onboard entertainment and activities that all aimed at the best experiences you’ve ever had to do so. Enjoy a concert of Russian folk music of the Russian Gypsy folk groups, classical music concerts and live music every night.

Russian river cruises also offer Russian singing class, where you can learn the words and sing along the most famous Russian songs. Russian language course is offered so that the end of the cruise will impress friends and family or to lift the famous Russian drink “Sat zdorovie”.

Start your day with a morning class to fit on the deck led by the guide. Stretch your muscles and enjoy the tranquility and the unspoiled beauty of the Russian landscape. You may join  Russian pancakes making class, the specialty of Royal Russian.

There are  a variety of routes of Russian river cruises.

The most popular is Moscow – St. Petersburg with the main travel along Volga River, the most famous waterways of Russia. This route link  Moscow and St. Petersburg  through a number of lakes and canals.  We will stop at a different city everyday to explore the history of Russia. Visit the medieval town of Uglich with the Kremlin and the old castle, monastery Goritsky, the city of Kizhi  and  Myshkin, a legendary village. We also have two days in Moscow and four days in St. Petersburg.

Let’s travel to Russia and have different experiences with Russian river cruises.

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