The Elbe River

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The Elbe River

The Elbe is a great  river in Central Europe. It begins in the mountains of Czech Republic  flows to the North Sea over the Czech Republic and Germany. It is side streams of the Vltava in the Czech Republic and the Mulde, Saale,  and Havel in Germany.

The major  cities along  the Elbe River are Hamburg and Dresden. The lower part of The Elbe River forms a broad estuary to navigate the oceangoing ships. The western edge of the Kiel Canal enters the estuary at Brunsbuttelkoog. The portion of German for the Elbe River was  important inland waterways.

The Elbe RiverThrough mountains, prairies and magical attractions, the Elbe River runs over to the North Sea with relentless speed.  From the modern architecture of the Bauhaus in Dessau, Germany to the timeless castles, and vineyards lead to Prague to engage full meaning behind the surroundings.

The Elbe River rises in the Krkonoe Mountains on the border of the Czech Republic and Poland runs through western Bohemia. It then flows through West Germany to the North Sea. The Elbe River was part of the border between East and West Germany from 1945 to 1990.

The Elbe River is 724 mile long and connected by canals with the Baltic Sea, Havel River and Berlin, the industrial region of Ruhr and the Rhine River. Mouth of the river has a width of about 15 km.

The lower Elbe is the stretch between Hamburg and the sea while the upriver from Hamburg is the Upper Elbe.

The depth of the Elbe River is 16.3 meters at high tide.

For centuries, picturesque towns and villages have grown along the Elbe River like a bright and shiny beads threaded on wire. You can cycle along the Elbe River and enjoy the amazing scenery.

You can also enjoy the Elbe River with the cruise and visiting the most pictureque cities in Germany.

The route along The Elbe River will bring you to the natural reservation and a picturesque dam, Les Kralovstvi with fairytale feeling surrounding you.

You may continue along the Elbe River to Dresden, Germany.

Let’s travel and enjoy the Elbe River with fairytale castle surrounding you.

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