The Favorite Snack In Munich

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Munich snack tradition is centuries old, and a tempting array of food is available almost any time of day or night.

The generic term for snakcs is Imbiss that comes in all shapes, sizes and flavors from the generic Winer or Hot dog to the Turkish Doner sandwich, the pressed and roasted lamb, beef or turkey.

Every butcher offers some sort of Brotzeit snack that can range from a modest sandwich to a steaming plate of goulash with potatoes and salad.

Weisswurst, a tender minced-veal sausage that is made fresh daily, steamed and served with sweet mustard, a crisp roll or a pretzel and Weissbier or wheat beer.

Weisswurst was invented in 1857 by a butcher who had a hangover and mixed the wrong ingredients. A plaque on a wall in Marienplatz marks where the “mistake” was made. At one time, sausage was available only in and around Munich and served only between midnight and noon.

Another favorite Bavarian specialty is Leberkas or liver cheese.

It is a spicy meat loaf baked to a crusty turn each morning and served in succulent slabs throughout the day. A Leberkas Semmel, a wedge of the meat loaf between two halves of a crispy bread roll slathered with a slightly sharp mustard is the favorite Munich on-the-go snack.

More substantial dish in Munich is Teller fleisch, the boiled beef with freshly grated horseradish and boiled potatoes on the side that served on wooden plates.

Among roast, sauerbraten or beef and Schweinebraten or roast pork are accompanied by dumplings and sauerkraut. Ham hocks are roasted until crisp on the outside and juice on the inside. Served with sauerkraut and potato puree. Ducks are served with potato dumplings and red cabbage.

For fish, the region has not only excellent trout, served smoked as an hors d’oeuvre or fried or boiled as an entrée.

You can also find soups, salads, casseroles, hearty stews and what may well be the greatest variety and the highest quality of baked goods in Europe, including pretzels.

For dessert, a bowl of Bavarian cream, apple strudel or Dampfnudel, a fluffy leavened-dough dumpling usually served with vanilla sauce.

Let’s try the favorite snack and enjoy it. Munich, here we come !!

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