Villas in Pompeii

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Villas in Pompeii

Pompeii has a large selection of quality self-catering houses. There are also many villas in Pompeii for your holiday.Villas in Pompeii

You may find typical villas in Pompeii. The main entrance is equipped with a   camera   that looking through the atrium towards the back of the villas in Pompeii.

There would be rainwater tank in the center of the atrium. From the atrium, there are some smaller rooms including the kitchen with the dining table.  Usually, at the back of the villas in Pompeii,  there is a garden. The bedrooms are usually located along the peristyle.

Villas in Pompeii are lavishly decorated. You may see the examples of the beautifully designed mosaic floors of the entrances to villas in Pompeii. The other form of decoration that is also popular are colorful frescoes that you may see on the lower right of villas in Pompeii.

There are many villas in Pompeii that are fascinating to explore. Some of them are very large with gardens, original mosaics and frescoes. They are extraordinarily creative about special features – like a mosaic or painting  that can be found in every stucture. Many villas in Pompeii has a large floor mosaic.

It is good for you to know the general structure of villas in Pompeii.

The Memander House is one of the largest and most beautiful villas in Pompeii. The majority villas in Pompeii are in Greek style.

The Octavius Quartio House is another larger villas in Pompeii. It is famous for its attractive preserved artwork and its extensive gardens.

One of the most beautiful villas in Pompeii that still survived is The House of the Little Fountain.

It is preserved Villas in Pompeiifountain in the rear of the house. It’s  made of mosaic. There are also a number of paintings in this villa in Pompeii.

Farm House Apartment is one of the villas in Pompeii. It is set amidst the greenery of olive groves. It is an excellent place for exploring the beautiful region of Pompeii.

There are still many villas in Pompeii that you can find through the internet. Just search on the internet and you will find many villas in Pompeii that offer a variety of accommodations for you.

Let’s travel and explore Pompeii ….

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